Reformed Baptist Seminary courses are predominantly online, but are also offered as week-long “modules” several times per year at various locations throughout the United States. Tuition is free for members of EBC, although a fee is required for each semester a student is enrolled. More information can be found at

EBC Men's Leadership Course

TUESDAY and thursday EVENINGS FROM 6:30PM - 8:00PM

Length of Course: Approximately 3 year cycle
*Fall Term: September through November
*Winter/Spring Term: January through May


1) Survey of the Bible
2) Basic Principles of Bible Interpretation
3) Systematic Theology Overview
4) Survey of Church History
5) Doctrine of the Church
6) Growing as a Christian Man
7) Biblical Manhood and Leadership
8) Basics of Biblical Counseling
9) Basics of Preparing Bible Lessons or Sermons


Certificate of Completion of EBC Men's Christian Leadership Course
-Must Complete required reading for each course
-Must attend at least 80% of class meetings

Seminary credit may be received for any recorded courses utilized in this curriculum from Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary or Reformed Baptist Seminary if additional course requirements of those institutions are completed, including tests and fees.