The Digital Mission Field at Emmanuel Baptist Church

July 16, 2022
Charles Hughes

Beloved brethren, saints, visitors, and neighbors,

The Lord Jesus has provided for Emmanuel Baptist Church in great ways in a season full of hardship and tragedy. Since the turn of 2020, EBC has grown exponentially, with more members being added to the congregation monthly.

First and foremost, we wish to keep our house in order, and intend to always prioritize the local church. However, we recognize that we are living in a digital age where the opportunity to circulate information exists like never before. As the printing press was in the age of the reformation, the internet is in our age.

We seek to expand our horizons to reach more of our neighbors near and far with the good news of Jesus Christ and His atoning work on the cross.

One key component in being successful in doing so is the rebuilding of our church's website. It is the one place that most people visit before actually visiting, and we wanted to create a modern and comfortable user experience while we maintain a familiar look and feel (but you need not worry – our church remains built on the same historic confession of nearly 400 years ago).

We wish to engage in the public square using the tools and resources of the culture to meet people where they are – all the while never compromising the historic faith we hold to: nothing less than biblical Christianity.

In doing so, we intend to revitalize our YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram social media pages as well, and would encourage you to follow us.

We would also encourage you to share this website, or a specific sermon, with a friend or family member afar who may be blessed and whose soul may be edified by the proclaiming of the doctrines of grace and our faithful Father above.

Grace and peace,

Deacon Charles Hughes

EBC Digital Ministry

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