Emmanuel Baptist Church has three contributions funds:

  • Tithes & Offerings
  • Benevolence
  • Building Program

Additional detail about these funds is provided below.

The church collects all contributions via Tithely. Tithely is an expressly Christian organization that focuses entirely on facilitating Christian giving.  A processing fee is charged by Tithely to cover costs. You can specify whether you would like to pay the fee, or if you would like the church to cover that cost.

You may give to the work of the church by clicking on the following link:

Give With Tithely


Tithes and Offerings

Contributors' Tithes and Offerings fund all aspects of the core ministry of the church.  Tithes and Offerings are traditionally collected during the morning worship service on each Lord's Day.


Benevolence collections support the distribution of charitable support to church members (and occasionally others).  Benevolence is traditionally collected once per month at the church's Lord's Table Worship (an afternoon service).

Building Program

Building Program contributions fund the church's recently announced effort to expand capacity for worship from 400 to 600 persons by:

  • Constructing a sanctuary
  • Providing additional classroom and other associated spaces

For more information, please check out our Building Program page here.